Our Products

Royal White Oak

White Oak is a hard, resilient wood with nutty brown hues and dramatic grain features that range from simple and sleek to intricate swirls.

Once used to make wine barrels, the dense fibers of this popular wood make for a durable floor with a versatile look, depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve. Casual, formal, or contemporary, White Oak is one of the most versatile oak wood floors that we can make. It can provide the perfect complement to any design scheme and like a vintage wine, it only gets better with age.

High Mountain Douglas Fir

Europa’s Douglas Fir comes from the northern latitudes where the growing seasons are short and where there are rich, high mineral content glacial soils left over from the retreat of the Glaciers at the end of the Ice Age.

Our Douglas Fir has a beautiful tight-grained appearance with faint mineral traces which give it a light pinkish hue when freshly cut. It is one of the denser conifers and stands up well to traffic.

Like our Oak, Douglas Fir flooring can span the design spectrum  from rustic to contemporary. And in the massive sizes we offer, it is very impressive.

Arctic Silver Pine

Grown high in the mountains of northern Europe, Silver Fir is a unique “pine” floor with tight grain and small knots. When natural varnished or white-oiled it looks almost like white ice. The small knots give the floor a light feel which complements contemporary styles. It is an ideal option for paneling as well as flooring.

Siberian Larch

This is an amazing wood species. A hard and dense conifer. It is grown mostly in the cold Siberian tundra. Tight grained. Somewhat pinkish when raw. Magnificent when white or gray-oiled. Harder,  denser and more stable than Douglas Fir. Similar grain pattern but a bit more elegant.

Larch is a favorite of the European A&D Community for its sleek, Scandinavian and contemporary look.


Unlike many European Manufacturers of extra wide flooring, Krona offers a complete range of custom finishes and colors  in natural oil, hardwax oils, and acrylics etc. Because of the width of some of our boards, much of the pre-finishing is done by hand.