Inspired by the beautiful solid wood floors made by the Dinesen Company, and other Scandinavian companies, the Krona Brand is made by a small German Company, whose mission has been to create and market the widest, longest and most beautiful hand-crafted floors in the world; and to do so in a proprietary engineered format that would make these extra-wide floors more stable than solid wood, and more stable than any other construction process, including plywood backed products.


The beauty starts with special trees.

Accomplishing the mission starts with finding those 1 in a thousand Special trees which can supply the massive widths (up to 18 inches), and spectacular lengths (up to 20 feet) that are needed. Most of these trees are found in the northern latitudes of Europe and Eurasia where slow growth cycles and residual mineral-rich glacial soils create stunning and unique grain patterns and colors.


It takes master-craftsmen to cut and dry the wood.

Cutting and drying these mammoth planks are two of the secrets to making beautiful floors. Both must be done carefully and slowly. Since many of the cuts go directly through the center of the trees,  special diamond-edge blades must be used to prevent splitting. Often, the drying process for some wood species starts with outdoor air drying, which minimizes face checking. It is not unusual to have the drying process take up to six months. This is all artisan’s work.
We know of no other Company that does all this.


The secret for dimensional stability.

The wider the plank, the more it can expand or contract with varying temperature and humidity conditions. This can be a big problem with solid and plywood-backed floors. But it is much less of a problem with Krona which uses the most stable construction process in the world. It is the European Gold-Standard “Three Ply Counterbalanced System. Our experience is that this three-ply system is up to 70% more stable than solid, and up to 40% more stable that plywood backed floors.